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What I Learned From Getting Covid Twice

Have you ever caught covid, or know someone who had it?

My first time getting covid was back in November 2020 during a friend’s birthday dinner. You can read about my first experience here:

The second one was very unexpected. I thought I was immune since I had covid before and got the vaccine shot in the middle of March 2021. I was wrong. I started to have symptoms of sore throat and dizziness the day after Christmas. I tested and my result came back positive. I was devastated. 😭😢🥺😔

Initially, I had made some plans with a friend to go visit Joshua Tree in the first week of 2022. However, all of those plans were canceled due to my positive covid result.

What’s interesting is that on the 31st of December, I was invited to share my testimony at GMI, the church I had attended for the school of evangelism.

Unfortunately, I had to tell my leader that time that I won’t be able to come in person due to having covid. To my surprise, the pastor graciously asked my leader to ask me if I could still record my testimony so they can play it during their New Year’s Eve service.

Check out the video below:

I remember crying to God during that last week of 2021 about why I had to get covid TWICE. Why all my plans had to be canceled abruptly and I had to stay at home while everyone else is going on vacation and traveling with their friends and family?

It was unfair. Then I realized the best thing I can do during those low seasons of my life was to draw myself closer to God. There was no use in my crying and complaining to God like a baby. I finally took the initiative to seek God’s face and presence through His word, worship, and prayer.

Moreover, I committed myself to join GMI’s social media fast for the first 100 days of 2022. It was so hard in the beginning. However, as I learned to exchange my consumption of social media to filing myself with the Word, I began to experience greater awareness and understanding of God’s word. The best part was that I was not alone, there were more than 100+ other participants who did this fast together; so we kept each other accountable.

Each day we had bible chapter verses to read, and afterward, we share what we personally received and learned from our reading. It was fascinating to see how God was speaking to each individual regarding the different chapters and verses of the bible. This fasting really encouraged and strengthened my personal walk and intimacy with the Holy Spirit.

During those social media fasts, I also experienced the love of God like never before. The Lord was revealing events that would take place in the year 2022. How there would be plenty of New Beginnings taking place in my life, family, and ministry.

Sometimes God allows difficult seasons and situations to happen to us because He desires to bless and lavish His love on us. He longs for us to know Him. To know His heart and the great plans He has for us His beloved children.

All in all, I am grateful that I experienced covid twice because through this process I experienced firsthand how God makes all things beautiful in His time.

2022 Is by far one of the best years that exceeded my expectations. Just to name a few events that happened and am extremely grateful for:

  • I witnessed my mentors getting married and giving a speech at their wedding in March 💒💙

  • I've received my former pastors' blessings and prayers as they release me to do my new assignment in April 🙏🏻🤲🏻

  • Established JMK LA church with my mentors and family members in the month of April ⛪️💕

  • Started the very first service of JMK LA at my home 🏠

  • Spent 5 months from April-September (including my 26th Birthday) with my mom, dad, and grandma 🎉

  • Attended one of my good friend’s beautiful wedding ceremony in May 💍🤍

  • Went to Seaworld & Disneyland with my parents, brother, and sister in love 🐭🎡🐬

  • Went to Six Flags, Universal Studio, & North Carolina with my JMK Family 🎢🏞️

  • Got to see the roots of JMK in North Carolina, attended the Prepare Conference, and learned how to shoot guns with our senior Pastor 😏

  • Started TWS Program and gained visible abs. Now helping others to have a lasting transformation through this fat loss program 💪🏻

  • Prayed for my grandma through a video call before her last breath in November 💛

  • Ending the year 2022 by visiting the Bean, Chicago, Illinois (This has been on my bucket list for a very long time) 🌃🌇🏙️

2022 Has definitely been a rich and well-rounded year for me. Every word of God and promise came to pass. Endless memories were made in 2022, and I am so thankful to God for allowing me to experience each of these precious moments that I can always look back to.

As we enter 2023 I want us to remember that we serve a faithful Father. Whatever promise God has said over your life, believe that He will surely fulfill it in His perfect timing.

Psalm 119:103 “How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth!” 🍯 Let us indulge in God’s word in this new year!

With Love, 🤍



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