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Distance Makes All The Difference #LDR #FavoritePerson 🌍😏

Can you guess who my favorite person in the world is?

Last Tuesday was a special day because a special person was born on that day.

It was my mommy’s 56th Birthday! 1.13.2021

Sorry mom I couldn’t be there in person to celebrate your birthday! So instead, this week’s blog is all about my sweet, loving, caring, funny & special mommy.

Truth: I have the BEST mother in the whole wide world.

Do you disagree? Let’s fight!!! But first, kindly hear me out haha...

My mom is one of my role models and favorite person because of how she does life daily.

Even though I didn’t grow up with her physically through most of my childhood and teenage years (12+ years), she was certainly there with me mentally and spiritually.

During my rebellious teenage years when I didn’t want anyone’s advice and even said hurtful words to her, she still called me every week. She made time to pray for my brother and me every time we’re on the phone together.

Moreover, my mom is the best and patient listener; she’s like my secret diary. I can easily pour out my whole heart to her, ramble on and on about my problems, feelings, drama, successes, without her ever cutting me off. In return, she also gives the best advice that shifts my perspective on how I should resolve or face my current situation.

Now was my mom perfect? No, she was not. The fact that she left my brother and me when we were still young (me at the age of 9, my brother at the age of 13) should question real and true motherhood.

Was I sad back then? Yes, kind of, not really. Either I was too young to remember and the idea of having independence in America was a golden opportunity for me, or maybe because of the latter outcome of being where I am and who the person I’ve become today outweighs the experience of lost familyhood.

But despite being separated from each other, she still manages to be the most caring, understanding, and compassionate mom that she is, and I am so grateful for her existence.

Believe it or not, everything happens for a greater and grander purpose. Even if it hurts in the very beginning or at the moment, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.

NOW if you ask me “Sharon, are you grateful that your parents left you and your brother to grow up on your own in America when you were both still little?”

Oh yes, heck yes. The life lesson, skill, perseverance, faith, wisdom, and strength that we gained over the years was much greater and more rewarding compared to the long years we’ve lost as a family.

We had no choice but to trust God from paying for our school tuition, providing food on the table, having money to fix our cars, and other general expenses that we had on a weekly/monthly basis.

Because we were forced to live on our own, we as siblings saw and witnessed how God was so gracious toward us. He provided all that we needed despite not having our parents around.

We can humbly say that we did not grow up spoiled, thinking that money easily grows from a tree. No...we learned it the hard way, through hard work, discipline, and thanksgiving; all our needs and desires were met.

One of the bible verses that I hold so dearly is in Colossians 3:23, “Work willingly at whatever you do as though you are working for the Lord, rather than for people.”

I have to admit that it wasn’t so smooth and easy at first. Especially when I started at the bottom of the ladder by working at a fast-food restaurant. It was tough, frustrating, and stressful to say the least. Just imagine every day having to face endless customer's complaints, in a fast-paced working environment, while having a short lunch or dinner breaks; it was all tiring.

But instead of complaining about my current situation or have a self-pity party, I ask the question: How can I grow from this place? How can I better serve the customer and guest that I interact with at my job? How can I become more gentle, sincere, and helpful to others?

I learned to shift my focus entirely on serving God rather than men in every opportunity I have: in my career, school, ministry, and general life. We are after all children of God, the ambassadors of Christ, which means how we do life should reflect the character of Jesus.

I also still remember how at a younger age (elementary, middle school, high school) when I envied my friends because they got to play, eat delicious food, and go shopping with their parent’s money. Whereas I was stuck working at my uncle’s packaging company starting from the age of 9. My daily schedule would consist of coming home from school, eating lunch, working, doing homework, having dinner, doing night shift work, going home, shower, sleep, and repeat.

What I thought was hell on earth, unfairness, and child abuse back then (notice how negative and messed up my perspective was before lol) was actually the process that I had to go through that would make me become the person that I am today.

Back then I had the decision to hate my parents for leaving me alone in a foreign country and neglecting their children. Instead, I decided to thank God that He has allowed me to grow, thrive, and flourish in becoming the independent, cheerful, happy, and strong person that I am today.

Consequently, our family is much closer today because of the long-distance that we have apart from each other. #DistanceMakesAllTheDifference

It’s kind of like a long-distance relationship (LDR). When you don’t see the person you love in person, you tend to want to talk to that person more often because you miss them. (Lol saying this NOT from personal experience but from what I see in my brother’s relationship with his new wifey!) 😏

Growth and success always require some type and length of process. Stick with it and you will see good fruit being produced; sooner or later. All the hard work, tears, determination, and perseverance will always be worth it in the end.

You may not be where you want to be today, but thank God, you’re not where you used to be. Continue to move forward and go through the process, it’s in those tough seasons where you’ll actually see the most growth.

“Just keep swimming.” Dory from Finding Nemo.

This brings me to my conclusion. I may not know what you’ve gone through in the past or are currently facing right now, but understand that your perspective makes all the difference.

It’s how you make the painful season of your life that either breaks you or builds you up. The good news is: the choice is entirely up to you.

Live passionately and intentionally, Friends! ❤️


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