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My Experience in Testing Positive for Covid-19 😱💔😭

Back in November (a month ago) I was celebrating a friend’s 25th birthday. It was a Sunday night, we were eating hot pot at Shabuya and enjoyed each other’s fellowship with boba and uno.

The next morning, Monday, I was scheduled to take my Covid test for the very first time.

That same night I had a dream that my result came in positive. Lol. Prayed and rebuked the dream (thinking it was from the devil, little did I know it was a warning for what’s to come.)

Tuesday went by. I still went to work by the way, even bought lunch for my co-workers.

Wednesday came. I had a sore throat and was feeling a bit dizzy while teaching English at my school. One of my friends from the birthday dinner announced in the group chat that she has tested positive. Oh man….

Thursday...I lost my senses of smell and taste….still no result from my covid test.

FRIDAY. Received a text at 8:03 AM showing my test came back positive.

Was I shocked? Upset? Confused? Disappointed? Frustrated? Panicked?

OH ABSOLUTELY. Especially since I had plans to travel to Indonesia the next month to attend my brother’s wedding.

I was in Isolation for the next 10 days. Staying in my room day and night, only using the bathroom and sanitizing every touched area after use. My co-worker, students, and everyone from school took the covid test, thank God they all tested negative. Whew. I was so worried that someone would test positive because of me, but thankfully no one did.

Also my brother, grandma, cousins, uncle, and aunt tested negative too even though I was in close contact with them the first few days before isolation. Thank you Jesus! Also thank you to my aunt and uncles for feeding me, not kicking me out, and allowing me to stay with them despite knowing that I was very contagious to everyone around me.


Thank you Koko Yonny for cooking, preparing, and feeding me while I was in my room the whole day. Thank you for being the most caring and gentle person towards your lil bandel sister.

(Side Note: My brother has been telling me to avoid group gathering for the past Months. But as some of you know...the usual rebellious, have faith, “know-it-all/prideful” me, i ignored him. Ehhh terus ini terjadi. Westalah arek gak pernah ndengerno kokone ngomong seng baek yo ikiwes...rasakno kon.…Apologies….just practicing my Bahasa Jawa/Javanese.

Oh hi, you’re still reading? I’m not so boring after all, right? The good stuff is coming! :)

Now what did I do during my isolation time?

This was my normal schedule: Cried….sleep…….cried…..sleep……..cried some more. Just Kidding, not really. A more accurate daily activities consist of worship, daily devotional, listening to sermons from YouTube, crying and talking to my mom 24/7, prayer, bible study, uninstalling Instagram, and journaling.

How did I handle the stress and pressure of being alone in my room without any human contact?

  • Holding on to the promises of God, reminding myself that Jesus is more than able to heal, restore, and make me whole.

  • Worship and Prayer was like Food and Drink to me

  • Giving thanks and praising God in spite of the difficulty that I was facing at the moment.

  • Letting the Holy Spirit renew my thoughts and perspective about everything around me. Allowing Him to have full residence over my heart. Listening to what He has to say about the current situation that I am in and what He wants me to do next. Asking myself these questions:

- “What do you want me to learn from this experience God?” - “How will this season of my life bring You glory & honor?”

- “How far can my faith be stretched from this?”

- “How can I surrender my current situation and trust you wholeheartedly?”

- “What can I do right now as I am waiting for my healing?”

What are several lessons that I’ve learned from this experience?

  1. Be Humble and Sit Down. No really, “Humble yourself under the mighty hand of God, and at the right time He will lift you up in honor.” 1 Peter 5:6

  2. Learning to admit and cast away any self-righteous pride, ego, and any old and inaccurate belief system that has been passed down by someone who I thought “knew better.” Turns out I was wrong; Never put your faith and trust in men, only in God. “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” Psalms 118:8

  3. Discernment is key. Just because a leader says one thing, does not mean that it’s a God thing. Need to check and recheck with the Holy Spirit, always.

  4. Prayer and worship has helped me gain more clarity, focus, and discernment. Listen more and talk less. Fun Fact: This blog was born out of my time alone with God.

  5. Being thankful every time I eat because having your senses taken away from you for one month and a half does something to your mind lol. If I can be transparent: It sucks to not be able to smell and taste everything you put inside your mouth. Everything tasted bland. The only way I can enjoy food and drink was to remember how good it tasted and smell before consuming it.

To be honest I was devastated and stressed during this season of isolation. I imagined the worst and even prepared myself to brace the possibility of not attending my brother’s wedding in Indonesia, not getting a refund from cancelling my trip last minute, and being alone in my room until the end of December.

I may not say this last month, but fast forward to today as I look back to what I experienced in those 10 days of isolation, “I am grateful for what has happened.” I thank God for His healing, grace, and instruction over my life.

The verse in Psalms 119:71 resonates with me the most during this unexpected season of my life, "The punishment you brought me through was the best thing that could have happened to me, for it taught me your ways." (TPT)

This experience has really stretched my faith to truly surrender and trust God’s timing. In human’s perspective it is impossible and ridiculous that I can travel overseas knowing I tested positive for covid just a couple weeks back.

Nonetheless, I am a living proof of God’s divine sovereignty. I can testify that He is indeed my Jehovah Rapha, the God who heals. He is always and always on time. What is impossible for men is possible for God. What a faithful and wonderful God that we serve.

How To Recover & Test Negative in 10 Days?

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Get plenty of rest (I took so much naps that I started to lose count)

  • Eat as much veggies/greens and fruits as you can

  • Drink Vitamins C, Immune Booster, Zinc, and these AFC Utsukushhii & SOP Subarashi daily.

***Utsukishhii contains anti-tumor agent, immune-activating effect, and therapeutic agent on Hepatitis C. Whereas, SOP Subarashi contains cell regeneration effect, improve blood circulation, skin improvement, and anti hypertensive agent. They are both made in Japan. Personally, I did notice a positive different on how quicker I recovered after eating these two supplements.

***Utsukishhii contains anti-tumor agent, immune-activating effect, and therapeutic agent on Hepatitis C. Whereas, SOP Subarashi contains cell regeneration effect, improve blood circulation, skin improvement, and anti hypertensive agent. They are both made in Japan. Personally, I did notice a positive different on how quicker I recovered after eating these two supplements.

Here are some snaps of food that I ate during isolation:

Finally, a special thank you to my family, care cell ekklesia, spiritual sisters and mentors for your unconditional love, prayer, and support during this difficult season of my life. Your prayers and encouragements are the reason why I stayed sane and stable, and why I’ve become a stronger person today.


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