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How Minimalist Fashion Changed My Life

Have you ever looked into your closet and said “I have so many clothes…but nothing to wear…”

How would your life be different if you rid yourself of unnecessary, messy clutter out of the picture?

Do you desire to live a life that is stress-free and full of simplicity?

How would your life be different if you only keep the essentials that you need for a year?

Would you rid of any other distraction that may overwhelm you in exchange for a life full of peace & joy?

Hello, my beautiful friends! Today I will be sharing with you my experiment and experience of practicing minimalist fashion for the last 3 years.

Minimalist is simply stripping back the unnecessary, leaving only the things that provide you with real value and joy. Minimalist fashion is defined by keeping it simple or dressing better with less.

Back in 2018, I was curious about living a more enjoyable and fulfilling life with LESS. I used to be a shopaholic buying everything my eyes desire for. Then one day I was walking at a library, screening through the aisle trying to find a good book to read at the beginning of the year. Note it was also the same time I wanted confirmation on my pre-commitment to stop spending more money on clothes, shoes, accessories, etc.

Then this book caught my attention.

I was shocked because it was a clear confirmation of what I needed to do which was to embark on this new journey of not shopping for a year. I have to admit it was hard in the beginning since I’m used to shopping every single month after I get my paycheck.

However, I started disciplining myself on saving rather than spending. And amazingly with the help of God and discipline, I find it more enjoyable now to save the money I earned rather than spend it on unnecessary things.

Another reason that helped me to stop shopping here was the fact that I was traveling to Indonesia once a year. I’ve come to the conclusion of saving my money and spending it on traveling and experience rather than stuff.

This is not to say that I have stopped COMPLETELY on buying new clothes, shoes, or other stuff; no I still do. 🤪😉 Yet I’ve managed to shift my mind on the benefits behind my every purchase while also keeping track of my saving goals.

Here are 5 Benefits I Received from Practicing Minimalist Fashion:

1. Being More Creative & Tidy

Having lesser clothes made it easier to organize them for storage. No longer do I have to dig over mountains of clothing to find what I need to wear. Now I know exactly where my stuff is stored. Additionally, minimalist fashion has taught me the importance of being creative with the limited pieces I own. My usual basic would be to mix and match 3 different colors. If I wanted a classy or trendier look, then I would use the monochrome palette.

2. Less Time Spent in Getting Ready (5 Mins Max)

This is pretty direct. Less stuff to choose from equals less time in deciding what to wear. Before it would take me about 10-20 mins to pick an outfit because I would try them on and swap them with something else. Now by knowing where everything is stored, I am able to easily find the pieces I need to complete my look. This gives me the advantage of using more of my time on things that I enjoy. Aka reading, writing, singing, eating, & of course, sleeping. 😴

3. More Money Saved

The less time and money you spend on shopping, the more money you will see in your bank account. How amazing is that! Minimalism has made me realize that buying newer and more things only gave me temporary happiness. The stress of taking care and maintaining these pieces actually is burdensome. So because I am more intentional about buying what I really need when I need them, I benefit from saving more money in the process. Having the mindset of delayed gratification (which is resisting an impulse buy or action with the hope of obtaining a more valuable and long-lasting reward in the future), has also helped me break free from my shopaholic addiction.

4. Becoming More Mindful, Content, & Grateful

The main key is to purchase everything with intentionality. Knowing the difference between your want and need will help you make better purchasing decisions.

How long would that $150-300 pair of shoes last you for? 5 years or 12 months?

If you swap that same amount in the currency of hours worked, how many hours total would it cost you to get that new pair of shoes?

Is something wrong with your old pair of shoes? Why aren’t you content and grateful with the pair that you own right now? Can you wait for the price to go down in a couple of months during a sale? Do you have room in your shoe rack or closet to store these new shoes or clothing? Have you looked around to see if another store is selling that same item for a lesser price?

Asking different questions before making hasty purchases could make all the difference. Evaluate the main reason why you’ve got to have something right now. Is it because your friend has one? Are you trying to impress others with the things you own? Or because that coat just looks really cute on you? You get my point. 😏

5. Being Authentic in Expressing Myself Beyond the Clothes I Wear

People always screen what you wear: From the top of your head to the tip of your toe. How you dress to impress is very important. However, it should never break your budget or bank account. I personally love fashion; a fun fact: I wanted to become a fashion designer when I was in 6th grade.

Nevertheless, as I got older I decided to not only focus on expressing myself through fashion but also through my personality and hospitality. I want people to know me through the way I interact with them on a deeper level.

Do not allow others to judge or look down on you because of the clothes that you wear. You are worthy of knowing because of your knowledge, experience, skills, curiosity, and most importantly, your way of interacting with others from the heart. 💖

You are unique, authentic, and special because God has made you that way!

I hope this week’s blog could benefit you to aspire on living your best life with less. Until next time, Friends!

With Love,



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