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Embracing Your Season of Singleness

“All the single ladies, all the single ladies…

All the single ladies, all the single ladies….” 🎶💃🏻

A young woman smiling and enjoying the nature around her.
Loving & Enjoying Life as a Single Person

Before we end this lovely month of February, 💕 I wanted to share 3 beneficial actions you can take during your season of singleness.

SPOILER ALERT: I have never been in a serious relationship before and am the happiest person in the world! Currently sailing solo because well, #YOLO. ⛵😂🤪

There is nothing wrong about being single in your mid-20s or mid-30s. I believe culture has given us this wrong idea of how a girl “needs to be in a relationship, engaged, or married by a certain age.” If she’s not, then there’s a problem. Well, that is complete rubbish. Absolute nonsense.

Age or relationship status should not be the blocking wall that limits our ability to enjoy our season of singleness. Think about it: Your time alone as a single person is limited compared to how many years you’ll spend the rest of your life married to someone.

Once you tie the knot, you are committed to that same person for the rest of your life. “Till death do us apart…” That’s a pretty long time, don’t you think?

And don’t even mention or think about getting a divorce, “Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.” Mark 10:9 God hates divorce. It does a great deal of damage to both sides and their children too. So no, no-no. Choose your match wisely, and you won’t end your marriage recklessly.

There is a reason behind every season we go through in life. If your season is not to be in a relationship yet, that’s okay. **High Five!** ✋🏻 Nothing is wrong with you, and you don’t have to sell yourself short to attract the next guy you see to be your match.

Why would you settle for less than God’s best? You are valuable, QUEEN! 👑

Your season of singleness is the BEST time to discover your identity and purpose in God. Who you are in the sight of God.

Sis, hear me loud and clear, okay? YOU are His most precious and beloved daughter who has been called and chosen for such a time as this. You are smart, caring, gentle, strong, able to do ANYTHING you set your mind to because you are that special! There’s no one else like you, so do your thing girl! 💁🏻‍♀️

Here are 3 tips on how YOU can win and embrace your season of singleness:

1. Cultivate What You Got

In this season of singleness, you learn what you’re good at, your strength, talent, gift, creativity, skill, passion, etc. Learn to focus on what truly matters, have a growth mindset, and watch how you’ll thrive in this current season of singleness. No season of growth is ever wasted. So make it all count! 🌱

Ecclesiastes 11:6 tells us to “Sow your seed in the morning, and at evening let your hands not be idle, for you do not know which will succeed, whether this or that, or whether both will do equally well.”

Your seed can include your time, energy, idea, smile, laughter, creativity, talent, money, attention, compassion, kindness, and so much more. I believe God is looking for people who would value diligence and do the work. We can pray as much as we want to, but if we still won’t do the work then how will we see those seeds manifest or grow to produce much fruit? That seed won’t grow by itself if we aren’t willing to cultivate and care for it.

2. Stop Rushing & Start Reflecting

Do not rush to be in a relationship just because your friends are in a relationship already. Stop saying “I’ll be happy when I…..” Fill in the blank: have a boyfriend, get married, have kids, get that promotion, become the next CEO, own the house, become successful, travel to this country, blah blah blah…

“You who are young, be happy while you are young, and let your heart give you joy in the days of your youth. Follow the ways of your heart and whatever your eyes see, but know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment.” Ecclesiastes 11:9

Your true happiness should first and foremost come from the true source Himself, Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can fill the void that is inside your heart. We were never given the task to be the savior of the world; only Jesus is qualified to carry the weight of redeeming us all. No one can do what He did for us on the cross.

How would you feel if someone enters into your life and demands happiness from you every single day? Won’t you feel overwhelmed or frustrated if that person keeps sucking the life out of you?

If you cannot be happy with yourself right now, how do you expect your partner to be happy with you?

Never demand happiness from another person. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Your partner should never be responsible for your OWN happiness. True happiness and contentment are not from materialistic things either. It is found in the deepest part of your heart; knowing who you are and what you were created here to do on earth.

The more I embrace my season of singleness, the more I learn about my God and the person that I was made to be in His image. Having the time to reflect on the things that I still need to work on as a person has helped me grow emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. There’s still so much that I want to learn and do before I enter into the next season of dating, marriage, having/raising kids, etc.

3. Prepare Yourself for What’s Ahead

What you do in this season will determine your next season.

Joseph would not have been promoted to be the second most powerful person of Egypt after Pharaoh IF he did not FIRST embrace the process in the pit and prison. Genesis 41:37-44 Everyone wants the Palace without the Prison, the Crown without the Cross, seeking after the Promise without the Painful Process. Unfortunately, GOD doesn't work like that.

The process is the required preparation before we can receive the promise. The process tests your character and faith in Christ. To put it another way, we develop a stronger foundation through the unexpected seasons of life. Storms like loss, heartbreak, disappointment, betrayal, sickness, and so much more. These storms reveal the true quality of every believer. The point is, you are growing and maturing.

There are valuable lessons we can only learn in the lowest and darkest season of our life.

God cares and loves you so much that he won’t allow you to miss the main purpose He has prepared for you. Your time will come friends, so have faith and trust God’s perfect timing. Stop rushing into your next season while neglecting your current season of singleness.

Learn to #EmbraceTheProcess. You can be single only once in your lifetime, so make the most of it! Perhaps God is trying to teach or show you something important before He reveals your partner or prince charming. 😏

All in all, make it your top priority to pursue the heart of God, and at the right time, God will bring the right person into your life.

As always, stay happy, healthy, and lovely! 💓

Hope these videos will make your day! Remember to smile and laugh more often because it's the best medicine! 😆😂


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